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CPA insider is the #1 resource for those interested in learning about the accounting profession. A career in accounting can be very rewarding and lead to many opportunities. CPA Insider is here to provide you with information about career options and to inform you of the early steps to take which will allow you to reach your goals. Accountants are in high demand but in a competitive economic environment, planning your career path early and wisely will help you differentiate yourself and lock in your dream job. Whether it be landing that first job or being prepared and qualified for the CPA Exam, we want to provide you with the information you need to be successful.

CPA Insider is an All in One Resource  

There are many important steps to take to prepare for a career in accounting.  Many of the common questions about the profession are not easily accessible in one central location. CPA Insider strives to consolidate the answers to many of those questions and concerns so that you can access that information all in one place. You can then plan properly and move forward with confidence toward a successful start to your career.